Remarkable spoon

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Unique spoon with beautiful paterns, made of very high quality Europen Apple tree.
It is so magical that someone could use this product as a decoration but we prefer using it for eating.

Designed in a way that could easily replace every normal steel cutlery in our daily life.

Spoon is perfect for your breakfast foods porridge, as well for lunch and dinner meals, such as soups, rice dishes. Great for serving or mixing!

• 32 cm long
• 8.5 cm wide
• 1.3 cm thick

Care instructions:
Step 1: The Wash
Wash by hand your wooden product with water (soap is fine too)

Step 2: The Oil (once in 2 months)
The next morning, use your hands to apply a generous layer of vegetable oil to the sides, top, bottom, and any groove, grip, or handle. You don’t need puddles of oil on your board, just enough to cover the wood with an even coat

Step 3: Let it rest
Once you’ve covered the whole piece of wood with oil, you’ve created a barrier to help the wood retain moisture. You know what to do. On its side. Broad faces out. Let it sit overnight.